Body Parts Targeted When You Use Exercise Bikes for your Workout

leg muscleWorking out on a stationary bike right within your home is one of the most convenient ways to burn off your calories. Cycling is also a great way to improve your cardiovascular system without causing harm to any of your joints. If you want to strengthen your muscles without hiring a personal trainer, investing on exercise bikes would be a great option. It also leads to greater performance and you do not need to worry about any injury that might come your way when exercising provided that you use it as instructed. Here are the parts of your body that can benefit from this exercise.

Upper and Lower Body Muscles

When you pedal through your bike, you are actually strengthening a lot of muscles in your body. Among these are the glutes, hip flexors, as well as several of your leg muscles. Your calves, quadriceps and hamstrings will be strengthened as well. When you pedal through your bike, make sure that you keep your body in an upright position so as to strengthen your abs as well as the obliques. When you tighten your core muscles while pedaling on your bike, you will certainly have an increased strength within this area of your body.

Back and Skeletal Frame

Cycling is considered a low impact activity which means that it will not put excessive stress on your back as well as on your spine. This is absolutely important for people who are suffering from lower back pain. For those who are suffering from a condition that causes numbness or tingling of the lower back as well as the legs, exercising on a bike is the best form of exercise for you.

The bike allows you to lean forward while you pedal through and thus, you will not feel any discomfort all throughout your exercise routine. Cycling is also great for people suffering from osteoarthritis since it helps to strengthen the muscles which provide support for their joints while reducing the stiffness and maintaining the flexibility of the joint.

Cardiovascular System

Cycling is certainly a great form of aerobic activity which works the heart muscles as well as increases the capacity of your lungs’ oxygen. Your blood will receive a greater supply of oxygen with this type of exercise which helps to deliver a lot of nutrients towards your body cells. At the same time, it helps to lessen the waste products within your body, including lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Above all, working out with exercise bikes can help to improve the circulation of your blood and increases the number of good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol will then be lessened and your arteries will not develop any plaque buildup. Cycling is also one of the activities that can help to release more endorphins, considered as a natural painkiller which can help to boost your mood and improve your sense of well being.

With all these health benefits that the exercise bikes can give you, it’s about time that you invest on this kind of fitness equipment.

The Benefits that You Can Gain Out of Exercise Bikes

Fusion Exercise BikeGetting an adequate amount of exercise is a must in this day and age. It is unfortunate to hear a lot of stories about people dying young all because they have not given their health that much importance. Others would use their hectic schedule as an excuse for exercising and some people would find exercising exhausting and boring.

But if you choose to invest on exercise bikes, you will realize that exercising is after all, an enjoyable routine. What’s great is that you can even exercise right at the comfort of your home so you can exercise anytime you want to, for as long as you want.

You Can Burn a Lot of Calories

Most of the bikes come with a built-in calorie counter, which gives you information on how much calories you have burned at a certain time period. But this will also depend on other factors, such as the person’s weight and the speed of the bike.

Nevertheless, the bike is one of those fitness equipments that are guaranteed to burn a good amount of calories within only a few hours of exercising. A person weighing 130 pounds can burn almost 400 calories within only an hour of using the bike and that is more than what you can burn if you simply jog or walk outside.

Various Exercise Programs

Another great thing about the bike is that they come with several exercise programs. You are also free to choose what level of exercise you want or which program you want to follow. You can also choose to decide the speed and how long you will have to exercise.

The various programs available are the pedal, uphill, sprint and other random programs, depending on the model or brand of the bike that you invest in. This certainly proves that exercising on the bike is really interesting and is highly beneficial for your health. For more exercise programs and information about health and fitness check out The Fit Route.

Enjoyable Workout

Using the fitness equipment is an enjoyable way to burn calories. You can exercise while watching your favorite movies or TV shows since most of the bikes are equipped with a small TV right in front. In fact, you will not realize that you are already burning a lot of calories since you will enjoy the process. Others would also choose to read books, magazines and newspapers while pedaling on the bike which is certainly a great way to get healthy.

Convenient Way to Exercise

If you want a convenient way to exercise, then you should invest on one of the best exercise bikes in the market. You can simply place the bike inside your bedroom and you can exercise all you want, at any time you want to. You do not need to drive all the way to the gym just to get that much needed exercise and you can simply work out right within the comfort of your own home. You will have the bike all to yourself, unlike when you exercise in a gym where you need to share the bike with several other gym users.

Basic Repair and Maintenance of Exercise Bikes

Spinning bikeExercise bikes are becoming more and more popular these days especially for busy individuals who cannot find time to go to the gym to exercise. These fitness equipments are available in various brands, makes and models. Even if you feel that you have bought a high quality bike that is considered the most expensive in the market, it is still important that you know some of the most basic repair and maintenance tips in order for the equipment to stay in excellent condition.

Clean After Every Use

When you were still a kid, you probably remember your mom telling you to clean your toys right after every use. This should also be the case with your bike. Make sure that you clean it right after you are done exercising. Make sure to wipe the handlebars well, including the seat and other parts of the equipment.

Doing this can help to keep the leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber parts to stay clean and free from germs. This also helps to keep your equipment to last longer. When cleaning, simply make use of soap and water and perhaps, a diluted cleaning solution that is non abrasive.

Take Care of the Pedals

The pedals are considered one of the most important parts of the exercise bikes. Remember that you step on them whenever you ride on your bike. Therefore, you need to make sure that you take good care of the pedals well. Inspect your pedals every time you work out in order to ensure that they are in good condition. Do it on a weekly basis and make sure that they stay tight. Loose pedals can lead to injuries since they might fall off during your workout.

Check the Positioning

As time goes by, the bike seat as well as the handlebars could shift. That is why it is important that you check the positioning as well as the alignment of your bike on a regular basis. This is to ensure that you get the best workout without any interruptions. If the bike seat is too low, you could suffer from hip and knee pain and other injuries. When the handlebars of your bike are too close or far, you could end up with back pains.

Make sure that you regularly check your bike seat and ensure that it is positioned properly. This is very important if more than one person is using the bike. You can also make use of a marker in order to note where the seat should be positioned.

Examine the Tension Belt

The tension belt is that mechanical part in your bike which provides resistance every time you work out. The more you pedal, the more it will have wear and tear. Therefore, you should make sure to examine the tension belt from time to time so as to keep it from slipping. You might also need to replace the belt on a regular basis in order to ensure a comfortable and safe exercise.


All You Need to Know About Compact Exercise Bikes

Foldable Exercise BikeNot a lot of people are comfortable in working out in a gym. Others also find that exercising in a gym is just a big waste of time and money. Because of this, home fitness equipment is becoming more and more popular. But the problem that some people are faced with when it comes to buying fitness equipment is the lack of space in their house. This is especially true for people living in condominiums and apartment complexes. If you’re one of those people who have limited space at home, investing on compact size exercise bikes is definitely a great option.

Compact Sized Bikes

From the name itself, the compact sized bikes are those types of stationary bikes that are compact, yet, they function just like any type of stationary bike. These types of bikes come with different features and several add-ons. They are also sold in different prices, from the cheapest brand to the most expensive of all. What’s great about these bikes is that you can simply fold them right after using and stash them in a storage space. Thus, you do not need to have a lot of space in your house when you choose to invest on these bikes.

Available in Various Types

Just like the regular sized bikes, the compact sized bikes are also available in different varieties, such as the upright bikes and recumbent bikes. In general, upright bikes often have a smaller footprint as compared to the recumbent bikes. However, recumbent bikes are more comfortable to use. Both bikes are foldable and can be carried from one place to another. You can easily store the bike in one corner of your home right after using so you will not have to use up a lot of space in your house.

Features and Add-ons

As stated, most of the compact exercise bikes come with accessories and add-ons. There are those that come with padded seats which can be adjusted easily in order to achieve utmost comfort while exercising. There are also bikes that have non skid foot pedals and provide great stability when you pedal through it. It is also a good idea to invest on compact sized bikes that come with safety straps on the pedal which help to ensure that your foot stays firm on the pedal and will not slip when you exercise.

The fact that compact sized bikes can be easily folded and are often light in weight does not mean that they are not well built. There are lots of high quality compact exercise bikes that are made of durable materials and are guaranteed to last long even if you use it every day for your daily exercise routines.

The best thing about these bikes is that you can easily assemble them on your own. When you purchase the bike, all of the necessary parts will be placed in a box and it will include a user manual that will serve as your guide in assembling the bike. The instructions are easy to follow and you can pretty much do everything on your own.